Architectural Design & Digital Media II.

Instructors: Yannis Zavoleas (coordinator, 2005-7), Alexandros Vazakas (2006-7), Nikolas Laskaris (2006-7), Sokratis Yiannoudes (2006-7).

Location: Technical University of Crete, School of Architecture, Greece.

Years: 2005-7.

Theme subject: Projections of processes analysis/synthesis in three-dimensional space.

Short description

The processes of analysis/synthesis introduced during the previous semester are transferred to the three-dimensional digital space. The computer offers a set of advancements, which supplement and often extend the capabilities of the analogue expressive means —such as physical models, sketches, diagrams and drawings— in the gradual development of initial experimentations to an architectural proposal. The objective is to build up a unifying consciousness about the means, including the methods and techniques appointed to them, which the architect may use in order to render and to evolve an idea.

The software introduced is supportive of an experimenting attitude overall in the capturing and the structural manipulation of form. Special attention is given to processes of abstract rendering and the development of variations, additionally in the ability to control and to intervene in each of the intermediate phases. The spatial configurations that arise may not necessarily respond to specific requirements; however, they may provide with alternative paths, in so doing contributing decisively in architectural design.

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