Villa-house in rural area.

Location: Chania | Crete.

Year: 2006-7.

Credits: Yannis Zavoleas, Alexandros Vazakas, Stavros Georgiades (Civil Engineer).


The site is surrounded by a circular road and is distant from other built references. Its triangular shape gives a special character to it. The peculiar shape of the buildable area dictates that the edifice be developed in two units, connected by a narrow passage. Additionally, the site’s layout is amphitheatric, with an intense inclination to the north. looking towards the valley. Part of it is characterized as forest-protected area and most of the remaining is filled with olive trees.

In response to the above, an array of successive walls was created, whose direction guide the transition from the exterior space to the interior, also to the landscape, the areas filled with greenery and the courtyards, leading to the habitable areas. The built structure is developed as an organic mutation of the nature. The levels of the interior space are split in plan and section, communicating through the vertical voids, also with interior walkways through ramps and stairs. Private units such as the bedroom, the office and the bathroom are connected through alternative paths, ending to variations of the public such as the living room, the dining room, the courtyard and the natural landscape. A general sense of unity is omnipresent, along with a gradient organizing of the distributed areas, defined by their special character.

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