Mr. Zavoleas explores the idea of digital media as extended “tools for thought” in the reshaping of the process of architectural design. His primary concern is to develop a critical stance about the available tools, along with the extended framework of knowledge and technical expertise required for constant advancement. Further research focuses on structural systems such as archetypical schemas and their adaptation into architectural and urban space. Research topics include the creative analysis of works from the Sixties and on, also extending to all phases of design, from concept development to fabrication. Emphasis is given on the digital manipulation of structures with 2/3D digital drawing tools, parametric methods and scripting. The objective is to integrate the areas described above in the core of his research.  So far, Mr. Zavoleas’ research interests are developed in relation to his academic activities. His findings from the classes he has taught and the works he has done so far form the basis for his further explorations. In such, it will be possible to examine the potential of systematic approaches to architectural design also under the scrutiny of methods aided by the digital but not limited to it, being applicable to projects of varying scales, contexts and themes.

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