Senior Lecturer in Computational Design, School of Architecture & Design
Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW, Australia


Address: Red Centre West Wing | UNSW SYDNEY | NSW 2052 | Australia
E-mail: y.zavoleas@unsw.edu.au; yannisz@alum.mit.edu


PhD in Architectural Design NTUA (2011). Theme: Machine & Network. Technology as a Metaphor in Architectural Design.
Master of Science, Comparative Media Studies MIT (2002).
Master of Architecture UCLA (2000).
Architect Engineer NTUA (1996).

Architectural design methodology & process; interdisciplinary design research; digital media & creativity; computational design; dynamic simulation; digital fabrication.

Generative Processes with Advanced Simulation Tools; Variation & Progression of Biological Systems & Prototypes, Adaptations in Architecture & Urban Design; Bio-structuralism; Bio-Shelters. Resilient Structures & Metabolic Functions.

RESEARCH PROFILE: https://unswcode.org/about/yannis-zavoleas/

Dr Yannis Zavoleas Zavoleas explores the idea of means as “tools for thought,” by also combining new technologies and interdisciplinary themes with core architectural theory, practice, and discourse. Author of Machine and Network as Structural Models in Architecture (Futura 2013 – in Greek); co-editor Surface: Digital Materiality and the New Relation between Depth and Surface (EAAE 2013); co-editor Computational Design: From Promise to Practice (Avedition 2019); guest-editor, Nexus Network Journal, “Patterns and Spatial Organisation: Culture, History and Future Perspectives” (forthcoming). Research outputs in architecture, theory, technology, computation, bio-digital architecture, media, communications and art (Routledge, Thresholds, Nexus Network Journal, Taylor & Francis Group, The International Journal of Architectural Computing, The International Journal of the Arts in Society, Bio-Digital Architecture & Genetics, KINE[SIS]TEM, ASA, CAADRIA, ECAADE). Advisory / editorial board for EAAE, ASA, CAADRIA, CommonGround, AEDES and Next Generation Building; Best PhD Thesis of 2011 (School of Architectural Engineering, National Technical University of Athens); Best Paper Award, 6th International Conference Geometry and Graphics Mongeometrija (Serbian Society for Geometry & Graphics SUGIG, Novi Sad 2018); PVC’s Award for Excellence in Research Creative Works (Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment University of Newcastle, 2014); won one competition in interactive storytelling (SONY/MIT, 2001); awarded in two architectural competitions; has taught architectural design, digital media and design theory at University of New South Wales (since 2018), University of Cyprus (2018), The University of Newcastle (2013-2018), University of Patras (2008-2013) and Technical University of Crete (2004-2008); has taught courses and seminars in design research and theory at The University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, Germany (2016), University of New South Wales (2016) and Architectural Association London (2012); has organised several workshops in architectural design, theory and computation (Bio-Shelters, Re-Morphing the Amorphous, Code AB-USE I&II, Digital Species, Un-Built, Digital Materiality, EAAE Architectural Theory Group); has presented in thirteen architectural exhibitions and three short-film festivals. Studied architectural design, theory and media at MIT (MSc, 2004), UCLA (MArch, 2000) and NTUA (PhD, 2011, professional degree, 1996).


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