Architectural Design & Digital Media I.

Instructors: Yannis Zavoleas (coordinator), Vassilis Stroumbakos, Demetri Zisimopoulos, Vassilis Patmios-Karouk, Nancy Psaraki, Natassa Kantidaki, Anna Chartofili.

University of Patras, School of Architecture, Greece.

Theme subject: Analysis – Synthesis. Principles of architectural design with the aid of digital technologies

Short description

The course aims at developing the ability to conceptual thinking, also to comparative research and experimentation in architectural design by making full use of the potentials of computer systems. The computer is introduced as an advanced medium that is also symbolic of the analytical operations it supports. Operations with the computer interfere with perception and spatial experience being understood as an aggregate of information. This introduction helps to nurture the critical framework upon which expressive processes related to presentation, representation, rendering and communication, take place.

Architectural design may be seen as a process that involves data registration, translation and further manipulation for the purpose of creating new spatial experiences. The dipole analysis/synthesis describes schematically two opposite processes. The computer is used as a medium and as a referent to analytical and transformative methods first applied onto the material object, then onto its projection to image and drawing, giving emphasis to the abstraction of form to the structural relationships describing it as a composition.

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