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January 4, 2017


by yannis zavoleas


19-Cent. anatomy drawing compared with Viollet-le-Duc’s organic structure

Full title: Rethinking architectural vocabulary. Comprehensive design resolution via integrated BIM platforms

Author: Yannis Zavoleas

Keywords: Dynamic simulation; agent-based; BIM; form-finding

Abstract: This paper revisits established practices in architecture related to the instruments of production and addresses their profound influences upon the design outcome. Cartesian geometry has been used as a common reference to represent architectural elements, a view that has been applied into mainstream design software. The enduring ideologies assume the architectural product to be the result of aesthetic-driven operations supporting geometric regularity in defining elements’ shape and relative positioning. These approaches are compared to alternative ones described as form-finding, making extensive use of the computer’s power, often deviating from Cartesian basis, setting the ground for contemporary design research. In these cases, architectural elements are topological compounds undergoing generative operations. Architectural form is seen as an organic output emerging from interactions, shared functions, performed relationships and feedback loops, rather than ones typically offering full aesthetic control. It is noted that processes related to data inputs, agent management, simulation and recursive testing generally applied to facilitate tectonic resolution via integrated BIM platforms may equally describe those of early design decisions. Such a prospect may set the framing to update existing BIM software, so that the phases of analysis, ideation and conceptualisation are linked with those related to further development, engineering, manufacturing and completion.

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Venue: Architectural Science Association 2016 official website

December 11, 2015


by yannis zavoleas

zavoleas simulation of densities 2015

Simulation model testing progressive accumulation of densities

Full title: The model and its operative significance in architecture. Objects driving evolution in design research

Author: Yannis Zavoleas

Keywords: Model; objectile; cybernetics; bio-structuralism

Abstract: This paper draws upon the distinction between aesthetic and operative characteristics of models set for exploration in scientific and architectural research. Specifically, it weaves a link between Cache’s concept of Objectile and architectural models appointed for studying design’s inner logic also in reference to models describing biological functions. The outcome of this synergy is models that respond dynamically to variable data inputs and designated tasks. However, even when models are primarily applied as highly intellectual devices rather than ones being merely visual, still they cannot be detached from the formal idioms data is presented, compared and implemented with, set in reference to the graphic languages and the communication means by which content of any kind enters the architectural scene. As a response to this apparent incongruity, this paper delves into the operational role of models in the architectural making seen not as aesthetic objects, but rather as testimonial instances of a dynamic system in a continuum of recursive exploration and testing, further prompting to understand design as an experimental process undergoing phases of evolution, and so evincing architecture’s profound affinities with science.

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Venue: Architectural Science Association 2015 official website

May 15, 2013


by yannis zavoleas


Επιστημονικό συμπόσιο, 1-2 Ιουνίου 2012

Συλλογικός τόμος

Ζαβολέας Γιάννης (συντονιστής), Ζησιμόπουλος Δημήτρης, Παππάς Βασίλης, Στρουμπάκος Βασίλης, Συμεωνίδου Ιωάννα, “Κατα-χρήσεις του Κώδικα στην Αρχιτεκτονική: Τοπολογικοί Πειραματισμοί μέσω Υπολογιστικών Μεθόδων,” συλλογικός τόμος συνεδρίου Γεωμετρία: από την Επιστήμη στην Εφαρμογή, Τεχνολογικό Εκπαιδευτικό Ίδρυμα Πειραιά, 2012.

Κατέβασε το κείμενο

June 10, 2012


by yannis zavoleas

Cities in Transformation. Research & Design. EAAE/ARCC, Milan, June 2012.

Zavoleas, Yannis, Tournikiotis, Panayotis. “Archetypes in-Formation. Strategies of Transition in Architecture and Urban Design,” in Cities in Transformation. Research and Design. Milan: EAAE/ARCC,  2012.

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December 25, 2011


by yannis zavoleas

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