by yannis zavoleas

Urban Block Competition.


Location: Moscow, Russia.

Year: 2010.

Credits: Yannis Zavoleas (principal, concept). Collaboration: I.Chinoporou, S.Dambassi,  A.Papadopoulou, A.Sideri.

DOMES International Review of Architecture, Awards 2013, Ranked 4th, Category ‘Best Project of the years 2010-2012.’


Iñaki Ábalos, Professor of Architecture in Residence, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.,
Alberto Ferlenga, Professor of Architecture, Università IUAV, Venice, Italy, and
Kenneth Frampton, Ware Professor οf Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, Νew York, ΝΥ.

Specificity refers to the manipulation of the house unit, whereas flexibility refers to the order of the general scheme, conveyed by a system. Specificity and flexibility respond to two very different scales, the human and the block.  Pursuing the ideal house often results in a weak management of the whole, while giving priority to the block may end up putting aside issues pertaining to the small scale.

The design proposes a space of intermediate scale, an adaptor bridging the qualities of the general scheme to those of the house unit. This space adaptor brings together the neighborhood of four houses, functioning as a shared living room (marked as yellow). Another version of the space adaptor referring to a group of 4 to 6 neighborhoods forms a wider living room (orange). The total of 15 of these groups diffuses into the main yard (red), being the common living room of the total block.

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